Yarn Bombing Another Form of Street Art (VIDEO)


Another Form of Street Art


As both a fiber and street art enthusiast, I absolutely love the concept of yarn bombing (if you’re not familiar, prankster knitters and crocheters stealthily cover objects in public places with a yarn sheath).

The work of artist Olek takes the movement to a whole different level, and makes me downright giddy. Last year, in an act that was part political statement and part compulsive crocheting, she covered the Wall Street bull in a hot pink camouflage cozy, though unfortunately the work was stripped before the morning business rush (blah).  She’s now exhibiting an entire room covered in crochet in a gallery in London.  I love the idea of taking this seemingly docile, domestic medium, and making such a strong statement.  And when it comes to the streets, the unexpectedness of the act makes it all the more exciting, and even subversive.


Olek Makes Street Art in Wall Street




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