Why I Love New York


Yesterday was a perfect illustration of my life, which is entirely saturated in all things art.  I had been away from New York City for almost two whole months.  I cannot begin to explain how disappointing this was, not to mention I was in a completely contrasting environment: the woods.  I had been hiking and traveling outdoors.  Ever since I was a child I have been looking forward to my life in the city, a life full of energy and inspiration.  Sometimes I feel that I worked too hard to get here to ever leave.  The overwhelming counterintuitive feeling as my plane zooms farther away from here is too much to bear…  but, I survived and here I am.

Why I Love New York, its Art and its Inhabitants


Why I love New York’s Art


I am a nerd, and (cringing as I type this) I need to go to at least one museum every single week.  I use the word “need” because it truly is a burning desire that turns into a strange sort of withdrawal if it is not realized.   You can only imagine how badly I craved to see my friends Brancusi and Cezanne at the MoMA, or the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the Brooklyn Art Museum.  I made it to the MoMA in record time, twenty minutes before opening.  As I waited I walked slowly up and down Fifth Avenue, marveling at the towering architectural monuments and gorgeous people that make this city.  “I’m home”, I said to myself as I breathed in the sweet morning air of Manhattan.

Why I Love New York, its Art and its Inhabitants

Myself in front of my favorite James Ensor painting on the fifth floor of the MoMA.


Why I love New York’s Inhabitants


After the museum, I made plans to meet my good friend Chris in the Upper East Side.  Chris is a performer, musician, photographer, and intellect.  The energy surrounding him is one of mystery and awe.  I always find myself thinking of him in future tense, as if this time in his life is simply a precursor to the great artist he is meant to become.  After filling my mind with his wonderful ramblings and ideas, I made my way back towards Brooklyn.

The L train lulled and sharply swayed me out of a daydream.  I opened my eyes, and across from me sat the most interesting looking man.  He was the kind of man you know has stories, a man with infectious style and confidence.  He gazed at me and said sweetly, “I like your outfit”.  I was honored to have been approached by such a man.  My preconceived notions about Jose were all correct.  We ended up talking for two hours, riding the train back and forth on its Brooklyn bound path.  He told me about his long and successful artistic career and creative influences.  He gave me connections galore- curators, art gallery owners, painter friends.  I couldn’t believe my luck.   The most intriguing characteristic of Jose is his aching and never-ending search for good art.  Jose is a collector.  He asked me if I knew of anywhere he could find art to keep as his own.   The stars must be aligned, because of course I told him about Artsnapper.com’s new limited edition print store.

On my walk home, I realized how truly rich my life is here.  New York has given me the warmest possible welcome home.  I don’t plan on leaving her again any time soon.

Why I Love New York, its Art and its Inhabitants

By Caroline Eleanor

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  1. MarionAlvarez

    José wants to buy art? Artsnapper.com print store? Where? I am a French and Spanish teacher, new to NY, which I too love, but that is expensive… I would like to sell some pieces from my collection: Charles Cobelle, Charles Levier, Miró, Ernst, Dali, Dufy… Some oils, some lithographies, have COAs for some. Any suggestions?

    Merci beaucoup! ¡Muchas gracias!
    Mario (UES)


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