When it come to showcasing artist with ridiculous talent, the folks over at Talent Freaks are definitely doing so. Talent Freaks is creating a series of artist who have tremendous talent and deserve attention. The first episode features the work of muralist extraordinary Douglas Panzon. Dougla Panzone hails from Jackson, Mississippi (don’t ask me where this is) but is currently living in South Caroline. His passion and love for mural painting started while he was attending the College of Charleston.

He has done a ton of amazing murals throughout the southeast in many different venues. His weapon of choice is spray paint but dabbles with other mediums. This is an artist that we should keep an eye out and continue to support.

Check out the dope video that Talent Freak made of Douglas Panzon:


Talent Freaks Presents Douglas Panzone


VIDEO: Talent Freaks Presents Douglas Panzone

What do you guys think about Douglas Panzone? What other artist would do you believe are talent freaks?


By Cristian Valbuena






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