We like to talk a lot about Street Art here at Artsnapper, but that’s only because it’s so relevant to the arts community in this day and age! Plus, it’s quite a leap from back in the day when any sort of marking on a public entity was considered only to be “graffiti.”

While it is true that people still deface buildings and bridges with squiggles that could hardly be called art, a good portion of it is now an innovative, creative expression of people worldwide that deserves a new title: Street Art.


Street Art in Europe


The legendary Phlegm, from London, is known for producing amazing masterpieces using just black and white:

Lets Go On a Street Art Tour Around the World

We love Vermibus’s work (Berlin):

 Lets Go On a Street Art Tour Around the World

Vermibus uses from the streets and uses them to create his own street art that has been featured all over Europe.


Street Art in the Good Ol’ USA

Dabs and Myla (Los Angeles):

Lets Go On a Street Art Tour Around the World

Dabs and Myla have been living and painting together for years. This duo hails from Australia and work together to create this adorable street art for everyone to enjoy!

And based in New York City, the unique and incredible Aakash Nihalani:

Lets Go On a Street Art Tour Around the World

Nihalani takes New York by storm with his geometric street art. He creates images using cardboard, etc. Don’t you just love the way that he “fills in the blanks”?


Street Art in Asia


And of course, last but not least, Nan (Shenzen)

Lets Go On a Street Art Tour Around the World

Chinese street art? We think yes. Hark! I hear another spin-off article idea! Keep an eye out, readers.

What we love about street art is that it is line with our whole mission statement: Discover Art Around You. The next time that you’re walking to the subway or jogging through your neighborhood or taking your dog for a walk, bring a focal awareness to everything around you. You might be surprised by the amount of art that you encounter.



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