List of Artists Who Make the Best Urban Art

Many of you probably already know this but, Urban Art has become one of the most sought out art forms over the past few years and its popularity is only growing. The surge in the appreciation of urban art in my opinion is largely due to the raw talent that urban artists possess. Many of these artist are self though and their God given talents allow them to create artwork that is filled with emotion and truth. Their ability to stray away from conventional techniques allows them to push the limit and create wonders.

Urban Art is also very accessible to the public as many of these artists use the streets as their canvases and as their galleries/museums. You can agree or disagree that urban art is here to stay, but our affinity towards urban art has led us to compile a list of artists who make the best urban art. As a result, the public can judge urban arts appeal or not. So please share with us your favorite urban artist(s) and if you are an artist please share your profile.

What artists do you think make the best urban art? Who do you think is the best urban artist of our generation?

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