How to Buy Art


I came across this video and wanted to share it with you. In this video, Artist Kristen Jones asks an art expert about the process of buying art. As many of you know, buying art is an intimidating process. Some of the tips that are given by the expert on how to buy art include:

1) Don’t buy the first thing you see
2) Crete a short list
3) Ask the gallery to keep it on hold
4) Don’t be afraid to ask questions. (This is specially important as it will help you get a better understanding of what the artists vision)
5) Don’t be afraid to ask if you can pay in installment

I definitely that the last one is something that needs to happen more. As we are in turbulent financial times, paying in installments can be something that be be beneficial for both the seller and the buyer.


How Not To Buy Art


In addition to the tips on how to buy art, the art expert shares with us tips on how NOT to buy art.

1) Haggling

The process of trying to get a discount on a piece of artwork leads to an artist to get payed less. In the end the only person who suffers the most is the artist. So please do not try to haggle the price of a piece of artwork, unless the gallery/dealer absorbs the cost.

VIDEO: Tips on How to Buy Art and How NOT to Buy Art

These are simple tips that can be advantageous to anyone interested in buying art. They are simple, easy to remember and more importantly valuable.



By Cristian Valbuena




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