Merry Christmas, readers! We love the holidays, and guess which great American artist loved it too? None other than Andy Warhol, Artsnapper’s favorite eccentric! artist Happy “Warholidays!”

Happy Warholidays!


Warholidays with Andy Warhol


This holiday, world-famous art auction house Christie’s is honoring the late Mr. Warhol through “Warholiday”, a pop-up event in San Francisco that showcased 36 works by Warhol; some of them were even being unveiled for the first time. Some of the polaroids that he took went for thousands of dollars:

Happy Warholidays!

Warholiday was followed by Christie’s online auction, “A Christmas Thing” that featured 100 original photos, prints, and drawings. Proceeds went to the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. Check out some of the Pop Art master’s holiday themed works!

Happy Warholidays!  Happy Warholidays!

 Happy Warholidays!  Happy Warholidays! Happy Warholidays!

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