We interviewed Laura Eddy, one of our favorite artists from a competition we held a few months back! Laura garnered a lot of attention for her awesome charcoal drawings. Please check our interview with her and some of her artwork. Enjoy!
Emerging Artists: Interview with Laura Eddy
How do you define art? 
Anything that is an outlet for self expression.
Why do people need art in their daily lives? 
For me, I think t’s great to see what inspires others and what people are capable of creating. 
What drives you to create art and what inspires you? 
I just really love to draw! It’s nice to find your niche in life, and I love seeing my work progress and evolve! Not to mention, it’s quite satisfying finishing a piece.
Emerging Artists: Interview with Laura Eddy
What inspired you to first begin creating art? Tell me a little bit about that stages your work has gone through? 
I used to draw when I was little, however after we moved when I was 13, I (unintentionally) stopped. I picked up a pencil again this year (I can’t really remember why!) but I haven’t put it down since. I find it is a huge stress relief for me! I have only been drawing frequently for around 9 months now, but I realised fairly quickly that I love detail and realism and this is what I strive towards now.
What does your creative process look like when you are looking to begin a new work? 
It depends on the subject matter! If I find a photograph or subject that is particularly inspiring to me, I will sit down and draw it. However, If I am drawing an original, the idea will come to me at some point and I will source several reference photos to help me. I then begin a rough sketch and once I am happy with the composition, I will start the outline on the ‘real thing’.
Emerging Artists: Interview with Laura Eddy
You produce art in various ways, how does each style affect you differently? 
My first love is black and white, aka. graphite and charcoal. I do also draw with colour pencils and I enjoy it. It depends what mood I am in! If I want to do something that is ‘fairly’ quick and not so technical, I will use colour. However, my favourite medium is definitely graphite and I love the details, texture and complexity you can get from it!
Emerging Artists: Interview with Laura Eddy
What is the reality of our art world today? Do people experience it enough? 
I feel like there is sort of ‘hidden’ art world at the moment. It is there if you look for it. That being said, I don’t know that people do experience it enough!
Emerging Artists: Interview with Laura Eddy
How do you experience art?
I love my Instagram! I am following so many inspirational artists on there and I love that I can look at their work so easily!


Emerging Artists: Interview with Laura Eddy

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