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Have you ever heard of Video Painting? Well, I did not hear the term until about a week ago while my colleague and I were discussing arts use to evoke change in politics and government. During our discussion he briefly mentioned a project that dealt with  refugees and their displacement and I became curious to learn more about not only the project but also what video painting was.

After doing some research, I found that Video Painting is a technology developed by two geniuses by the name of Blake Shaw and Bruno Levy aka SWEATSHOPPE. The technology works by using custom interactive software, video projection, and electronic paint rollers with LEDs that create the effect of videos being painted on walls.

This is the next level of art creation as the process creates video collages in real-time. The best part is that Blake Shaw and Bruno Levy (SWEATSHOPPE) are using “The Bridge” to facilitate real-time artistic collaborations among people across borders.

The video above documents their April 2013 exhibition in Palestine, in which portraits of refuges from Balaat, Al-Jalazone, and Al-Am’Ari are video painted on historical sites in the Israeli cities of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Jaffa. The Bridge not only carries significance of a new art movement but also carries political significance that is filled with emotion and relevance.

This project reminds me of JR’s Inside Out project but the use of real-time technology can potentially have a much grandiose effect. This project not only excites me but it also serves as validation that although art and technology can exist individually to evoke change, their effect together can be exponential. This is the reason why we created Artsnapper, to help unite people and share content (art) that transcends through cultures and across borders.

I recommend you guys take a few minutes to watch the video and check out their website (  for any updates. This is definitely a project worth taking note and I look forward to the revelations that artists Blake Shaw and Bruno Levy (SWEATSHOPPE) bring.

VIDEO: Artists Use Video Painting to Launch The Bridge

VIDEO: Artists Use Video Painting to Launch The Bridge

What are your thoughts on video painting? What do you think are the potential effects of this project?
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